Friday, May 31, 2013

May Favorites!

Well another month has come to an end and it seems to me like June has approached very quickly. With the end of the month comes MAY FAVORITES!! 
 Coconut oil has so many health benefits that I actually did a separate blog on it a while back. I use this brand of coconut oil for oil treatments on my hair, on my skin and even to help hydrate my eyelashes. Now that it is getting warmer out I won`t be using it on my skin anymore but I  like the brand. I purchased this at GNC.

I have been loving these Color Zone nail polishes. I use the pink one for my pedicures almost all summer because it is so bright and vibrant. I got them at Winners but you can also check Marshalls.

For some reason my hands have become very dry lately and this herbal cream with hemp in it has helped dramatically. This cream leaves my hands soft and supple for hours even after washing. I purchased this from my local beauty supply store.
This leave in moisture treatment by Elasta QP is great at reviving your hair in the morning. It adds softness and has a light conditioning effect while protecting hair from the sun and adding tons of vitamins to nourish your hair and scalp. I purchased this from my local beauty supply store.

I have tried many different kinds of antiperspirants and deodorants but this Scent Expressions deodorant by Secret is by far my favorite. I like that the clear gel doesn`t leave those horrendous white marks on my clothes and it smells like a body mist or perfume. This scent is called oh la la lavender but doesn't smell anything like lavender. 

I love this Betsy Johnson perfume. It smells divine but a little goes a long way especially when you want a lighter scent for summer because I do find that it can be a tad heavy. My hubby is obsessed with this scent and loves when I wear it.

I also love this Betsy Johnson body lotion, although I don't use it for my body I use it as a hand cream. This cream like the perfume is made in France and has the same scent only lighter. It makes your hands smell amazing and you smell like you are wearing perfume even when you aren't, just by creaming your hands.

I have been loving these Wet n Wild Lipsticks in the shades Purty Persimmon and Don`t Blink Pink. They are very heavy colors so you only need to apply a small amount to get a good color payoff. If it looks too heavy I usually wear a gloss over top but the colors show up extremely bright and quite matte with just a  touch of shine. I got these from Walgreens.

When I want something a bit lighter on my lips I usually reach for my Baby Lips tinted lip balms, especially the shade Pink Punch. It also smells delicious and fruity.

I had bought this for my trip and have been using it all month. I really like the scent and the exfoliating beads.I think I will try another scent from this brand when this one is finished. 
 In the summer time Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato is my drink of choice. It is light, delicious, sweet and bubbly, in fact I think I may have some this weekend!

I found these delicious almond stuffed dates covered in chocolate while in Dubai and I brought some home for my family and for myself of course. I don`t usually like dates but these are yummy.

I have been loving Lindt`s dark chocolate this month. I figure If I am going to eat chocolate it should at least have some positive health benefits too.

The best book I read this month was Gone Girl. I liked the way it was written, I also liked all the psychological aspects to the characters and how the story was told from different perspectives. The ending was also very unconventional which I liked. 


  1. I've been wanting to try Coconut Oil to use as a hair mask, I might still buy it after see how the Shea Moisture Masque works on my hair first. Great faves! That book is on my must-summer read too hehehe

  2. Freaking coconut oil! I have keretosis pilaris (bumps on arms) and I've read over and over that coconut oil helps. I've obviously got to try it, it sounds like a miracle nature remedy!

  3. I love those baby lips! And those nail polishes are so bright and perfect for summer! I really need to try a gel deodorant because I've never tried gel before.

  4. I might check out the Betsy Johnson perfume - I love her stuff! That book is on my summer reading list! I have it on hold at my library.

  5. I love coconut oil! I did a post a while back on 25 different ways to use it: It's made such a HUGE difference for me! I use it to take off my eye makeup at night, and I've noticed my lashes are much thicker and longer, and they fall out less. It's been amazing.

  6. I'm so glad you shared favorite foods and a book as well! I'd love to try the betsey johnson perfume and the caress body wash


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