Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Haul

Hi everyone,
This weekend in Toronto was hot and sunny. I took advantage of the warm weather by going shopping with my mom and sis and I also went to see a movie with my sisters. After that we went to Jack Astors for lunch and sat out on the sunny patio enjoying the day. We even went to the park for a walk and had ice cream.
 I also got some shopping done with my hubby for our upcoming trip to Dubai and I am going to share some of the things I purchased. 

I will have full reviews on some of these beauty products when I get back but right now I am sleep deprived and exhausted. 

Dubai has very hard water that can be damaging to your hair so for my trip I loaded up on hair products.  

*Neutrogena triple moisture deep recovery mask which is a weekly treatment containing olive, meadowfoam seed and sweet almond oil to give you soft lustrous hair.

*Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner: alcohol free, non sticky, lightweight, defines curls and gives hold. contains jojoba oil, safflower oil, primrose oil, wheat protein and collagen.

* Curl Enhancing smoothie:  Anti-frizz, moisture and shine
*Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and Aussie  Moist: deep conditioner and conditioner which I love because they make my hair soft and moisturized. 

*Elasta QP feels like silk leave in: Vitamin rich, softens and detangles. It is also a humectant 
*Suave rosemary mint conditioner: 100% natural oils, helps cleanse and provides softness
*Caress Tahitian Renewal: With pomegranate seeds. This body wash smells tropical, fruity and delicious.
*Colgate Optic white: Helps whiten teeth, I think the results are pretty slow but it does help slow down the yellowing or discolorations.

I got these samples by benefit
*Benefits they`re real mascara
*Benefits highlighter
*Maybelline Vivids: Vibrant mandarin lipstick 885
*Sinful Colors nail polish: matte, in the color Dream in 113
*Sally Hansen Insta-dry: Lickety-split lime 450 

*Aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser: For clear skin and to help prevent breakouts
*MAC prolong wear concealer in NC45
*MAC studio fix foundation in NC45
*Secret clear gel deodorant in the scent oh la la lavender (this is my favorite deodorant)
*Urban Decay`s All Nighter, makeup setting spray   
*Nude pro genius treatment oil: Created with omega oils that absorb into the skin to give you a dewy complexion. Apply to the face after cleansing and before applying makeup. (I don`t care for the smell of this product)
*By Nature rejuvenating eye cream: Contains rosehip, collagen, argan oil and aloe vera to help reduce the look of dark circles and firm. 
*imPress stick on nails: This product uses no glue, does not damage the nails and lasts a week. (These are too small for my long nail beds so I will be giving them away)
*Montagne Jennesse dead sea mud pack: For ultra deep pore cleansing
I tried to get longer dresses and clothes for this trip to respect the culture in Dubai, I will be wearing a light cardigan over my strapless dresses and tops when out in public areas.
*Long pink and gray striped ankle length skirt:  Costa Blanca
*Long printed ankle length dress 
*Printed fringed T-shirt: Forever 21
*Star print t-shirt: Forever 21
*Sheer black blouse with studded sleeves
*Fila active foam flip flops-These flip flops are the most comfortable flip  flops I have ever owned, they cushion your feet and are great for walking. 

 I will have full reviews coming up for some of these beauty products.


  1. Great haul! Have fun in Dubai and take lots of pictures. I have not been there yet.

    1. Thanks, I haven`t been there yet either, this will be my first time. I will be taking lots of photos and be posting blogs from there whenever I get a chance :)

  2. Wow! Nice haul!That star shirt looks so cute.

  3. Now I want ice cream really bad LOL I have that Caress body wash, it smells so amazing! <3 Cookie

  4. Wow that is a lot of shopping! I like that Maybelline lipstick, nice color.
    Enjoy your trip!

    1. Thank you I will...and now to pack which is the part I hate the most

  5. great haul! cant wait for your review on that Neutrogena hair mask. Safe trip and have fun in Dubai!

    1. Thanks Jackie, I will post that review when I get back :)

  6. Lots of good stuff here. Have you tried the Curl Enhancing smoothie yet? I use it on the weekends to give my hair a break from my every day do. It does okay and it smells great, but it still leaves me with some frizz.

    1. Thanks, Yes I use the smoothie all the time and I do like it. I think I like the ingredient list more than anything, and although it does help my curls look better I always need to use it with other products like a leave in conditioner.


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