Friday, May 3, 2013

My Favorite Yoga Pants!

Photo from Mark`s Work Warehouse website

I don`t usually shop at Mark`s Work Warehouse, actually I never have, but when I saw the commercial for these yoga pants that were guaranteed not to pill or fade even after 100 washes I had to get them. I hate when my yoga pants fade and start pilling which is an issue I have with a lot of different brands. These yoga pants have become a staple in my gym wear rotation. I have washed them countless times over a one year period and they look the exact same as when I first purchased them! They haven`t faded, they haven`t started to pill and the material is very thick and durable yet flexible; they don`t even shrink in the wash. They cost me $29.99 but they are better than some higher end more expensive yoga pants. They also look very stylish so you can wear them on days when you want to dress more casual.

Here is the website description:
These super stretchy yoga pants can take you from the studio to running errands in flattering style. Guaranteed to look and feel great for at least 100 washes, they are made to resist pilling, fading and shrinkage. They sit below the waist for a more modern look, and end in a flared bottom that fits over running shoes with ease.  Made with a generous amount of spandex, this pair retains its shape while bending and flexing with your movements. 

86% Nylon and 14% spandex
Modern fit sits below natural waist
100 Wash guarantee against fading, shrinking and pilling
Modern flared bottom
Easy care, machine wash and dry

I would definitively recommend these pants! You can find them at:


  1. Stopping by from Beauty Obsessed! I have to try these pants out, 100 washes, yeah!!!

    You can check me out on bloglovin too

    1. You should they are fantastic! Thanks for stopping by I checked out your blog too, love it!

  2. I am also looking for something like Lululemon leggings or yoga pants to wear during my workout practices. Please suggest me some online stores where I can find this stuff.

    1. I don't have any Lululemon yoga pants but I have bought some for my sister as she seems to like them. I don't really shop for yoga pants online, I stick to the Marks brand from this post because they are great. I have had mine for years and I am about to get another pair. Check out the Mark's Work Warehouse website, you may be able to place an order online for these.


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