Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Clarisonic Mia 2 Review

What is the Clarisonic and what is it suppose to do:
*The Clarisonic is an advanced at home skin cleansing system
*Cleanses skin 6x better than hands alone
*The brush moves 300 times per second to open pores and lift dirt and debris out
*Prepares skin for better absorption of moisturizers, creams and serums
*Gentle enough to use 2x per day
*Uses sonicare technology and moves in a micro massaging motion to remove impurities
*Leaves skin softer, smoother and more beautiful
*Cost: $149 +taxes

Directions: Gently move the brush using small circular motions. Use on the forehead (20 seconds), nose/chin (20 seconds), and both cheeks (10 seconds each) the device will beep to let you know when to move from section to section.

*Brush heads should be changed every 3 months and cost $29 each or $45 for two.

My results and review:

Initial results...
*My skin never felt cleaner and more refreshed after using this device
*My skin felt very smooth and soft
*The texture of my skin was more even
*My creams and face products seemed to be working and absorbing more efficiently 
* The overall appearance of my skin was more radiant 
*My makeup applied more evenly because my skin was more even in texture
*I needed to use less cleanser because the brush helped distribute and lather my cleanser more effectively 
*I loved that it only took one minute to cleanse my face 
*I woke up with skin that looked fresh and polished
*I no longer needed to exfoliate

After 3 weeks the irritation started...
*I did not notice a big difference in the size of my pores but I do not have large pores so this wasn't a negative.
*The device takes a very long time to charge 18 hours!
*After 3 weeks of using my device once per day every night with light pressure my face began to get irritated, itchy and sore. I was not breaking out yet but I did feel that maybe the brush head was too harsh even though it is suppose to be for sensitive skin. I think the sensitive brush head is more suited for people who have normal skin. I purchased the delicate brush head for $29 hoping that it would be less abrasive. 

After 6 weeks... the real problems began
I heard a lot of rumors that this device can make you break out when you begin to use it but I didn't really believe it. Many of the reviews claim that some people go through a purging stage where the debris and dirt in your pores comes to the surface and causes beak outs for a while. 

My skin began breaking out. It started with irritation and a week or so after that I had acne on all the areas I used my Clarisonic on. I have rarely if ever got pimples on my forehead and chin but I began getting them. Red bumps and pimples started popping up on my face especially on the areas I used the Clarisonic on the most. I was using a gentile cleanser that had never caused any issues, light pressure and the delicate brush. I was also only using the device once per day even though the directions claim you can use it twice per day. 

UPDATE: (5 Months later)
After owning the Clarisonic Mia for almost 6 months now my skin has improved from the initial purging phase. I now use my Mia 1-2 times per week with the delicate brush head and that seems to be working for my skin. You should use it whichever way is most efficient for your skin type.

The model I got:
The Clarisonic I got is the travel size Mia 2 but it is still quite large
The color is passion fruit (limited edition)
The system also includes:
*Universal voltage charger
*Sensitive brush head
*Travel size cleanser
*Protective case
*Instruction booklet

The Clarisonic is not for everyone or every skin type. It may work well for some and not for others.

The Olay Pro X cleansing system never caused any irritation or break outs so that is an option for those who want a cleansing device.

The Mia  provides a great cleanse and as long as I only use it a couple times a week I have no major issues.


  1. thank you for this review! i have been debating on getting one since qvc has a good deal on it but i see mixed reviews on it. So sorry to hear that it broke you out, it really is not meant for everyone.

    1. Hi Jackie, You are welcome. I have been waiting to do this review in order to really give a good impression on the device.

      I was very upset with the break outs, it isn't normal for my skin to break out and I had to actually buy acne spot treatments and use it every night! I have pretty clear skin so this was a big let down.

  2. Thanks for the honesty! I've been wanting to try this out but it's so expensive here in Malaysia! It's about RM800 or something crazy like that. I probably won't be wanting it anymore now.

    1. It doesn't work for everyone. There are some people who love it and had no issues and others like me who had negative side effects. To be honest I am not even sure if I want to admit defeat and try to return it while it is still possible to get a refund or keep trying it and hope that this was just a phase.

  3. Hi, Erica!

    Thank you again for the nomination.

    I finally wrote a post about it.


  4. Coming from an esthetician, this is my guess on what happened with your skin... Yes, the purging process can happen, bringing bacteria to the surface. Then, when you go over the are with the brush, it sweeps up the bacteria and spreads it all over your face, thus spreading the bacteria to unaffected pores and causing those to break out. Also, you now have bacteria in the bristles, and regular face wash is not strong enough to kill it on the brush. When you have a breakout, the head needs to be sanitized. I'd try soaking it in boiling water for a few minutes, then in alcohol (the stronger the better, you can find 90% strength at a pharmacy or buy 99% strength online. Even better is to soak for 30 minutes in a solution of marvacide or barbacide available at beauty supply stores to kill the bacteria.) also, when your skin is constantly exfoliated manually, it can cause your skin to overproduce oil and dead skin cells to balance itself back out, which may cause additional breakouts until your body starts to get used to the new process. I commend you for keeping up with it for six weeks! Typically after six to eight weeks, the skin will have adjusted to a new regime, but for some it can take a full twelve weeks. I'd try the sanitation of the head first, and make sure you wash it really well after every use, and avoid areas with active breakouts. Hopefully it will help, since it'd be such a waste of an investment. Those things ain't cheap!

    1. Wow this was really great info. I have heard about the bacteria spreading so I am going to take your suggestion and try disinfecting the brush head again. My skin is now returning to normal so I think after I disinfect I will use the brush a bit less often even with the delicate brush head. It would be a shame if I couldn't use it anymore...and I heard that the company isn't too good when it comes to giving refunds.

  5. Love it! I use the Neutrogena Wave and it's helped my skin so much! Follow me via GFC and I'll follow you, doll. <3

  6. Oh you poor thing! I'm so sorry that happened to you :(
    I've heard the same thing from others which makes me want to avoid it. I hope your skin becomes happy soon.

    1. Thanks Souly,
      It was a terrible experience and what didn't help was being in Dubai in the desert with the heat wrecking havoc on my skin as well! usually my skin is clear and even so this was a shocker. But thankfully it is starting to clear up so I think I will post a FOTD soon.

  7. Hello Erica.
    Awesome review! I want them :)
    I also really like your blog, I just subscribed by email and it would mean a lot to me if you take a minute and follow me back. Thank you so so much, have a nice day,
    xoxo Diane


    1. Hi thanks for stopping by, sorry what was it that you wanted from this post?
      I will check out your blog :)

  8. Thanks for reviewing this! I've been debating for the last two weeks whether to buy this. I'm very prone to breakouts and I'm afraid of spending $150 on something that might make my skin worse. I might buy the Olay Pro X and see how my skin reacts to that.

    1. You are very welcome.

      I know what you mean, no one wants to buy something that will make their skin worse. Right now I am going to experiment with using it and see how it goes.

      I think the Olay cleanser does not cause breakouts because it isn't really lifting dirt and debris out of your pores it rotates and cleans the surface. But I think I may begin alternating between them. Its pretty disheartening that I can't even use my Clarisonic very much.

  9. Adore it! I utilize the Neutrogena Wave and its assisted my skin to such an extent! Take after me through GFC and I'll accompany you, doll. <3

  10. We do have the same color hehehe! I'm actually going to start using it just once a week since I do have such super sensitive skin. Mine came with a gentler cleanser but I also want to start using my Michael Todd skin care products with this and hopefully this calms my breakouts!
    Thanks for the update and glad to know it has improved with you!

  11. Clarisonic Mia is a great product! Will definitely repurchase this after 5 months!


  12. @Pauline Reyes....You are right, clarisonic MIA is a great product!


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